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Screenings and Medical Equipment

Diagnostic and Wellness Screenings

What essential nutrients is your body missing, and how is that impacting your health? What symptoms are you experiencing, and what is the severity of each one? Treating health problems and illness after you’re sick is far less effective than keeping healthy with proactive, preventative diagnostic and wellness screenings. By employing exciting new technologies, Flintridge Pharmacy & Wellness Center is able to detect and address health deficiencies and vulnerabilities before they cause serious problems.

One breakthrough device combines cold laser technology with micro-electronic tissue stimulation to provide virtually instant pain relief. Another device runs a low-level current through tissues to detect nutritional deficiencies. All treatments and tests are FDA approved and administered by trained technicians. Let Flintridge Pharmacy & Wellness Center be your partner in health by experiencing our array of cutting-edge diagnostic and wellness screenings right here in our store.

Home Medical Equipment

Flintridge Pharmacy & Wellness Center carries a wide variety of home medical equipment and supplies. From mobility products like canes, walkers, wheelchairs and lift chairs, to hospital beds, bath safety and incontinence products, to compression hosiery and orthopedic braces, you can count on Flintridge Pharmacy & Wellness Center.

People living with diabetes will find diabetes test strips, glucose monitors and diabetic footwear to meet their needs. See Flintridge Pharmacy & Wellness Center’s online home medical catalog for a complete listing of the products we carry, or visit our store to learn more about our home medical equipment and supplies.

How can Flintridge Pharmacy & Wellness Center serve you today? Visit Flintridge Pharmacy & Wellness Center's online catalog to see more products offered.